By Nationally Published Author

Toby Waxman, CEO & Founder  of

Entitlement Strategies Group, Inc.

To be an Exceptional Project Manager it takes a powerful set of skills, knowledge and technical expertise that are acquired over years and years of experience. As entertaining as it is informative, “Beware! The Devil Is In The Details: Proven Principles For Exceptional Project Management” boils down over three decades of such expertise into 17 insightful and paramount Principles and how to maneuver around the virtual minefield.

Toby Waxman takes you on an often-whimsical journey as she thoroughly unpacks each Principle along with impactful cases in point and examples illuminating their application.

A “must read” for anyone in today’s complex business world!  

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Beware! The Devil Is In The Details

Proven Principles For Exceptional Project Management

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Released in a &

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Peter Sloan returns from a six month sailing hiatus mourning the unexpected death of his wife and discovers his projects’ government agency approvals in jeopardy and his company close to financial ruin. Out of desperation, he contacts attorney Corinne “Cory” Wynters to solve his corporate and government agency troubles.

Seizing the opportunity to escape from her present emotional torment Cory accepts Peter’s generous employment offer.

Cory soon makes a chilling discovery compelling her to dig deeper to uncover the truth.   

To prove her suspicions of a conspiracy within Sloan Cory collaborates with colleague Geoffrey Ainsworth. They race against time deciphering the evidence barely staying one heart pounding step ahead of an unknown assailant.

Cory’s primal instincts for survival kick into high gear as she realizes she’s the target of a ruthless perpetrator determined to stop her from discovering the deadly secrets of the river cane.

“This is a suspenseful and fast paced story that uncovers the underground actions of our largest corporations and the extreme methods they will use to protect their secret, planet harming activities. It’s a “can’t put it down” thriller, beginning to end. As a Civil rights lawyer in Los Angeles, I found the legal complications fascinating and could hardly wait to see if they could be unraveled and solved.” Lee Grant, Esq.