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“Toby Waxman is masterful in her encapsulation of three decades of project management expertise. The Principles are spot on. The examples and cases in point she uses to hammer home the point of each Principle are compelling and capture the reader’s interest in their uniqueness and often personal stories. I give this book 5 Stars and highly recommend it for anyone involve in project management and business leaders alike.”

Dec.  2016

The Octane Booster for your Management Career

“If you are expecting some boring textbook that merely defines what project management is and describes its history then this is not the book for you. This book is not merely a collection of project management information. Instead, it rises above that and gives the reader something of much greater value - insight. Thirty plus years of 'in-the-trenches' firsthand experience distilled into seventeen, quick to read, chapters each filled with invaluable insight. Whether you are an aspiring project manager, midway in your career, or thinking that you are on top of the food chain in your industry; this book contains treasures and tools to help you hone your skill set even further. An outstanding book for any business manager that as the title says, is interested in "Exceptional Project Management". I have recommended this book to all of my project management staff.”                                                                                           RDruschen

5 Stars for the deep and detailed

“Beware! The Devil Is In The Details”

“Beware! The Devil is in the Details" is a wonderful book for anyone involved in project management of any type. While the examples readily apply to the development of real estate, it's very easy to transfer the concepts over to any field that requires a fastidious approach to management. Toby Waxman's philosophy is detailed, evidence based, and data driven. This book will make you think deeply about what it means to truly take ownership of processes from start to finish. I suggest you buy this book.”                                                                            SIlles


April  2017

January 2017

National association  of book entrepreneurs  2017 pinnacle ACHIEVEMENT Award Best  business book